Art Credits and Commissions

Posters and Program Covers

  • ArtistFairfax Races, 2003
  • Official Artist Montpelier Races, 2003
  • Official Artist Gold Cup, May 2002
  • Official Artist,Grand Prix Jumper Classic, Great Meadow, 2002
  • Smithsonian Animal Conservation Center, Fall Festival, 2001
  • Foxfield Races, 2001
  • Old Dominion Hounds Point-to-Point, 2001-2011
  • Houston Polo Poster, 2000
  • Middleburg Horse Show Cover, 2000
  • Upperville, VA Horse Show Covers and Posters, 1992-1999
  • Middleburg Classic Horse Show Cover and Poster, 1999
  • Stratford Hall Coaching Poster, 1999
  • Drawing for ‘Lost Hound’ by Bob Ashcomb, 1999
  • Keswick, VA Horse Show Poster, 1998
  • Fall International Gold Cup Poster, 1997
  • Atlanta Steeplechase Poster, 1995
  • Missing Children”s Polo Benefit Poster, 1995
  • Fall Montpelier Hunt Races Poster, 1994
  • Museum of Hounds and Hunting Poster, 1994


  • Article - The Piedmont Virginian - Autumn 2012
  • Cover - Chronicle of the Horse, October 29th edition, 2012
  • Cover - Chronicle of the Horse, June 25th edition, 2012
  • A Community of the Horse: Legacies by Bruce Smart, chapter and paintings
  • Hunt Country Style by Kathryn Masson, painting, 2008
  • Equestrian Style by Vicky Moon, painting and article, 2008
  • The Community of the Horse By Bruce Smart, painting
  • Article Elan Magazine - About the Artist, 2005
  • Featured Paintings in Polo Magazine, Sporting Art Ed., 2004- 2009
  • Article Virginia Sportsman - About the Artist, 2003
  • Article - Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred - About the Artist, 2003
  • Museum of Hounds & Museum of Hounds and Hunting Greeting Cards, 2001, 2003
  • Article - The Washington Post - About Artist & Gold Cup Painting, 2002
  • Marquis Who’s Who of American Women, 2000-2011
  • Photo of painting and story - The Equine Image, 1999
  • Article - Fauquier Times, 1999
  • Lost Hound by Robert Ashcom - drawing in the introduction, 1999
  • Cover - Chronicle of the Horse, 1998, 2000, 2003
  • Article - Covertside, 1999
  • Article - Fauquier Life, 1994
  • Cover - Middleburg Life, 1994
  • Article - Fauquier Times Democrat, 1994

Juried Shows and Awards

  • Cancelli and Beresford Gallery's, Saratoga Springs, NY, 2008
  • American Academy of Equine Art invitational, juried show for Colorado Museum, 2007
  • Masters of Foxhounds Centennial, traveling art show Cross Gate Gallery, 2007
  • American Academy Founders Award at juried show, 2004
  • Single artist show, Long View Gallery, 2003-2004
  • American Academy of Equine Art, Juried Member Show 1999, 2003-2005
  • American Academy of Equine Art, Associate Member, 2001
  • Smithsonian Conservation Center Fall Gala, 2001
  • One-Man Show, Somoza Sims Gallery, Houston, Texas, 2000
  • One-Man Show, Montpelier Museum, Va.
  • The Dog Museum, St. Louis, Mo.
  • Beresford Gallery, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
  • Museum of Hounds and Hunting, 1999
  • ‘At the Dog Show,’ Wichita, Kansas


Example Commissions

Dr. Alfred Gridffin M.F.H., Warrenton, VA
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Hart, Hume, VA
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Aron, Keswick, VA
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Aron, Charlottesville, VA
Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick Graham, Orlean, VA and Paris, France
Audley Farm, Berryville, VA
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Arundel, The Plains, VA
St. Johns West Shore Hosptial, OH
Mr. Lammot duPont, Washington, DC
Mrs. Steedman Hinckley, Orlean, VA and New York, NY
Dr. Werner Krebser, Huntly, VA
Mrs. Clarke Ohrstrom, The Plains, VA
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Haskell, Martinsville, VA
Judge Burke & Dr. Carole Hertz, Flint Hill, VA
Mr. Larry Le Hew MFH, Rappahannock Hunt
Mr. & Mrs. George Stewart, Tysons Corner, VA
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Strittmatter, Hume, VA
Mr. & Mrs. Sandy Aubin, Delaplane, VA
Mrs. Linda Robeson, Warrenton, VA
Mrs. Sandra Markus, Upperville, VA
Mr. & Mrs. Mildred Fletcher Slater, Upperville, VA
Mr. & Mrs. Austin Bach, Hume, VA
Mr. Tony Trujillo, Washington, DC
Mrs. Jean Ellsworth, Marshall, VA
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Herring, Hume, VA
Mrs. Helen Naylor, MA
Dr. & Mrs. David Snyder, Rixeyville, VA
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Williams, Washington, DC
Mrs. Jackie Burke, Orlean, VA
Mrs. William Osier
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Fletcher Massie, Amissville, VA
Mrs. Louise Eastham, Ben Venue, VA
Mrs. James Jamieson, Sperryville, VA
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Kummli, Huntly, VA
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Mears III, Annapolis, MD and FL
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Banderoff, Denali Stud, Paris, KY
Col. & Mrs. Stuart Willis, Washington, VA
Mr. Bob Ashcom, Warrenton, VA
Miss Elizabeth Masi, Seattle, WA
Mrs. Lynn Brown, Charlottesville, VA
Mrs. Nancy Somoza, Houston, TX
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Aulebach, Charlottesville, VA
Mr. Chuck Akre, Hume, VA.
Mrs. Kay Redditt, Warrenton, VA
Mr. Blair Howard, Warrenton, VA
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Oare, Warrenton, VA
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Cognan, Flint Hill, VA
Angela Anonelle, Middleburg, VA
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Johns, Sperryville, VA
Mr. V.R. Shackelford III, Orange, VA

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